Technical Capabilities

A highly skilled and experienced group of CAD engineers, Augmented Reality developers and software specialist creates the ideal team to provide bespoke solutions in our core area of expertise, 3D technology.

Specialist technical software

Our experienced specialists have a wealth of knowledge across a spectrum of software. Core areas include;

  • Software used by Tech. Admin. – Scan2Cad
  • Software used for CAD – Ansys SpaceClaim
  • Software used for AR – Unity and Vuforia
  • CAD staff have previously used CATIA V5, FreeCAD and Inventor
  • CATIA V5 has been used for surface modelling and reverse engineering

2D to 3D CAD Conversion
Detailed steps for process

1. Scan loft
2. QA check for comparison between physical loft and digital loft
3. Raster digital loft
4. Raster to Vector (DXF)
5. QA check for comparision between vector and digital loft
6. Vector to 3D model
7. QA check of 3D model for comparison between 3D model and digital loft
8. Position part in AC axis
9. QA check for AC axis positioning
10. Place parts into assembly
11. Harmonise parts for hole alignment
12. QA check complete assembly
13. QA check for final harmonised part
14. Output final part in required CAD format
15. Output final assembly in required CAD format

Software & programming skill set

At Consilio3D our specialist programmers have experience and knowledege in a wide range of software, and we are able to work with mutliple file types:

File types handled:
  • Scanning - Physical drawing converted to Tiff or PDF
  • Image to 2D CAD - .Tiff converted to DXF, DWG
  • 2D CAD to 3D CAD - Ansys SpaceClaim files can be saved as native formats
  • 3D CAD files are then used for tech. pubs., animations, dynamic simulations, VR/AR
  • Native mesh data can be read and manipulated by Ansys SpaceClaim for pre-processing amendments.

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Delivering engineering solutions through our team of CAD engineers, AR developers, project managers and scanning specialists we provide a range of services which will bring value to your business...

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