Aircraft Surface Measurement

iDent uses 3D scanning to measure dents on aircraft and other surfaces delivering time savings of at least 50%...

Aircraft Surface Measurement

Using the very latest OEM approved 3D scanning technology and specific software we offer our iDent aircraft surface measurement solution. Our service has been designed to support MRO’s carry out the ‘dent and buckle’ inspection to ensure our simple guided workflow process delivers fast, accurate and repeatable results with reports either in excel or pdf formats. These reports map the damage and are accurate to 0.03mm / 0.0012 in and can be used to review the damage in conjunction with the structural repair manual (SRM) or shared directly with the structures team or OEM.

Our iDent narrow body inspection process is up to 50% faster than traditional methods, not only ensuring any repairs can be commenced sooner reducing the risk to on time delivery but, also allowing your own staff to carry out other vital tasks whilst we support you.

  • Mobile C3DT service for ‘dent & buckle’ surface measurement inspection. 
  • Up to 50% faster than traditional inspection methods. 
  • Portable OEM approved 3D scanners accurate to 0.03mm / 0.0012 in. 
  • Repeatable results following guided workflow process.  
  • Repeatable results following guided workflow process.  
  • Digital data captured in pdf and Excel format. 
  • Digital format enables sharing of the report by email from the aircraft. 
  • Service provided in both hangar and line maintenance environments. 
  • C3DT 3D scanning takes days off full aircraft inspection 
  • Inspection reports easily incorporated into aircraft records 
  • Commence repairs earlier during aircraft maintenance input 
  • Utilise in house skilled resource for other requirements 
  • Aircraft acceptance inspection 

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