Process Digitisation

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Process Digitisation

AccuRacy™ has been developed to digitally transform the inspection process using augmented data to deliver process and business benefits. Originally conceived as a bespoke solution for a major aerospace OEM client AccuRacy™ has developed into a multi-purpose tool that can be modified to suit individual client requirements.

Consilio3D Technologies have long understood that the key to Augmented Reality (AR) is not in the ability to display an image onto an AR enabled device, it’s the ability to utilise multiple sources of data to ensure that the user sees, and has access to the correct data in a way that empowers them to make decisions.

AccuRacy™ can be used in many different scenarios to verify what you can see is to the correct design, specification and assembled correctly comparing the physical with the digital. AccuRacy™ can capture a complete range of parameters bespoke to the client’s needs such as missing components, incorrect alignment or orientation, images and text as examples. It works on all operating system IOS, Windows and Android, is Edge Detection compatible and works on a range of tablets.

  • Digital outputs per inspection, text, screen shots, mark ups, images, and video
  • Access full design repository via cloud
  • Integration with PLM systems such as Oracle Agile and Teamcentre
  • Compatible with all hand-held devices and operating systems - windows, android or IOS
  • Electronic sign on and off
  • Wireless and docked data transfer
  • Adaptable to suit different engineering inspection and after market requirements

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